Who we are and what we do.

Dutch designer Oscar van Buijtene designs, creates, and innovates. At the heart of Sebios is designer Oscar van Buijtene. His aim is to spread his motto ‘live with passion’ through his collection. The innovative and distinctive collection of garden fireplaces and wood storage elements are original Dutch Design. They are entirely designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house.


Oscar explains: ‘The enjoyment of a fine meal with good wine in the company of friends and the joy and warmth of family… that is the experience I want to convey to others.’ ‘My passion lies in the construction world. The possibilities this technology offers are endless. For me, this is both a tremendous source of inspiration and a challenge. It is the wellspring of my desire to design products. It also opens the doors to creation of such beautiful forms. Besides form and construction, there is also the challenge to create products that are sustainable.


‘All our products are delivered in completely recyclable packaging. The wooden pallets and packing material can be burned right in the fireplaces,’ says Oscar. The hearth collection has a unique, patented design and is produced in both weathering steel. It develops a beautiful reddish-brown rust colour, as well as in black, powder-coated steel. Sebios Outdoor Quality is available as a complete set. The garden fireplaces and wood storage elements are also available separately.

Live your life with passion.