Sebios Outdoor Fireplaces


Characteristic of the collection of garden fireplaces is the material, Corten steel. It gives a beautiful reddish-brown rust colour to the Sebios line. The garden fireplace or wood storage element comes in steel colour. The fireplaces gains a natural reddish-brown rust colour upon exposure to the elements. The oxidation layer, which produces the reddish-brown colour, stops it from rusting further. As a result of this natural process, every fireplace develops its own colour and character. In addition to the rust colour, there is a black line. The black line is made of powder coated steel and because of that coating it will be weatherproof and fire-resistant.


The Sebios collection has been extensively tested for good combustion, deformation and expansion. The outdoor fireplaces are equipped with a double rear wall and side walls. Due to the open wood storage element in the back, it will allow the wood to dry through natural air circulation, preventing mould.


‘Live your life with passion.’ Dutch designer Oscar van Buijtene designs, creates, and innovates. At the heart of Sebios is designer Oscar van Buijtene. His aim is to spread his motto ‘live with passion’ through his collection. The innovative and distinctive collection of garden fireplaces and wood storage elements are original Dutch Design. They are entirely designed and manufactured in-house.


‘The enjoyment of a fine meal with good wine in the company of friends and the joy and warmth of family… that is the experience I want to convey to others.’


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